Moving boxes

Save your time and money!

When you are moving or make renovation, you need strong boxes for your stuff.
Do not waste gas and time hunting all over city for carton boxes, order yellow moving boxes instead!
Using yellow plastic moving boxes makes your moving easier, faster and cheaper! Our moving boxes are large enough to hold many items. They are strong enough to be stacked on top of each other. Their folding lids close securely. Yellow moving boxes safely keep your property during your moving. No need to put them together and to wrap them with tape, as you did with carton boxes, so you save a lot of time. Even if they fall under the rain, nothing will happen to your things.

Yellow moving boxes are reusable, that means they help us to save the planet.

Rent of VANs

When the boxes are packed and ready to move, you need a big car to carry them all. And we have a great offer – Keltainen paku. When ordered boxes and booked a van, hand truck rental is free for you.
Keltainen paku is a completely online service, you do not need to waste time filling out a lot of papers in the office. You book a van online, pay online and get an access code to your phone number. The rental price for 24-hours starts from 60€. Visit the web site to find out more interesting offers.

Packing supplies

Bubble wrap 0,3x20m roll

Bubble Wrap

Wrapping twine D2,2mm 225m spool

Craft paper wrap 0,95x30m roll

Stretch film 0,45x300m roll

Adhesive tape 0,048x66m

Refuse Sacks 125l 10pcs/roll

Working gloves size S, L, XL

Zip ties 100 pcs/pack

Stickers 99×139 mm 40 pcs/pack

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